Airport Shuttle

Premier Cabs provides the most reliable and efficient service from Sydney Airport and has the ability to cater for larger groups too. If you’re wanting to reach your destination quickly and don’t want to spend time waiting for other passengers and then dropping them off at their respective destinations then jumping in a Premier Cabs taxi is the way to go.

Features of an Airport Shuttle

You can find airport shuttles in almost any country in the world, and you may book ahead or just look for one whenever you need a ride. In fact, shuttles operate 24 hours each day, so you will not encounter any trouble when getting around various places.
These vans can accommodate a maximum of 11 passengers. Moreover, an airport shuttle may impose strict guidelines or restrictions when loading bulky or large luggage such as surfboards.

Hiring an Airport Shuttle

When you select the type of vehicle available, consider the maximum number of passengers that it can accommodate. You should also determine any restrictions on the amount and size of luggage. For instance, a minivan or compact-size car can accommodate about 4 to 6 individuals. The trunk space, though, may be quite small. If you prefer a spacious luggage compartment, then you should go for SUVs or larger vans. In addition, these vehicles are roomy enough to seat a maximum of 8 people.
For superior service and to save time however, it is recommended you book with Premier Cabs as you will not have to waste time driving around in the shuttle picking up other passengers. This will ensure you get to and from your destination with a minimum of stress and fuss.