Premier Cab Departments

Leasing a Taxi Plate

We can advise you on leasing options such as leasing a plate or an all-inclusive taxi vehicle package.

Applications are made in person at our Granville office. To make an appointment please contact our friendly operations team on (02) 8868 4200 during business hours.

The following items should be brought with you to your appointment:
• Taxi Operator Accreditation Certificate;
• Driver Authority (if applicable);
• Current driver’s licence; and
• Bank account details.

Once you are on the waiting list one of our staff will contact you when it’s time to get a car ready.

Plate Management

Premier Cabs has one of Sydney’s largest taxi plate leasing operations.

Premier is one of the largest taxi plate managers in Sydney and we currently provide management services to over 700 taxi licences. Part of this service includes agreeing and paying guaranteed lease payments in advance, at very competitive market rates.

If you are a plate owner we will lease your plate at a competitive rate and provide you with peace of mind in knowing you will receive payments through Premier’s management services.
Premier can also assist you with the sale or purchase of a taxi plate.

Corporate Accounts?

Premier Cabs offers an account solution to corporate and government customers that regularly use taxis. The solution is different to what you may have been used to in a taxi account, in that we provide:

• Checking of each fare against a compter-generated estimate;
• A monthly bill that is sent electronically allowing you to easily sort and check your expenditure;
• All journeys for the month are included, you do not wait weeks or months for drivers to lodge dockets with their network;
• Fraud and cost control measures to protect your organisation’s money

Driver Training

Premier Cabs is one of the most respected Taxi fleets in Australia. Our dedication to delivering high quality training is a large part of our valued reputation. We have access to a wealth of knowledge to help you get ahead in the taxi driving business.

Lost Property

Hundreds of items are left by accident in taxis each week, and at Premier we endeavour to assist our passengers in regaining their property as soon as possible.

As a matter of practice, we encourage all passengers to keep receipts from taxi journeys or make a note of the taxi number, as this will greatly assist our efforts.